Welcome to 3D department design and animation studios From

Our department was founded in 2010 in Lebanon. For 6 years, we've become internationally known for producing 3D Animations, 3D Television Commercials, Architectural 3D Renderings, 3D Industrial Animations, 3D architectural renderings, 3D renderings, 3d architectural animations, architectural visualization, architectural renderings, interior 3D renderings, Architectural Animations.

3D department Studios is here to serve all of your 3D illustration and rendering needs. CALL US NOW AT 00961-3-640832 or for a QUICK QUOTE email: samer@kaosarchitects.com

Our goal is and will always be to produce excellent quality Computer Graphics or otherwise known as CG. Over the years, there have been tremendous advancements of 3D and CGI animations.

All renderings on this site are copy written and protected and may not be used without written consent.

DRAWING FILES - If you have any CAD or other PDF drawing files you can share with us on your project, please email them to samer@kaosarchitects.com with your project name in the Subject line. We can give you a range of cost based on your description only but the more information we have, the more accurate the quote. Thank you.